I`m a housewife with 1 child aged 15 months. Now stay and live in kyoto, one of prefecture  in Japan. Following husband who received a scholarship doctoral degree in Kyoto University. Living abroad is not something I imagined, but good fortune from Allah SWT  that brought me here. I can feel the amazing experiences with the family in another country…: D (Windy,Oct 09).

Web ini sebagai kenang-kenangan saja karena unlimited akses internet di rumah. Isi nya nano-nano . Ga jelas arah n tujuan  hehe, hanya coretan ketikan kibot aja di kala senggang. Ada artikel yang merefer web lain, resep masak ala windy, pic liburan sewaktu hidup n tinggal d jepang di blog lain (http://windydj.blogspot.com).